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Meadow Square Liquor Store is a connoisseur of wine in Fremont, CA. Experts say that learning about wine can actually improve and develop your sense of taste. It is important to understand the spectrum of flavors that wine has to offer in order to enjoy it for its fullest potential. We at Meadow Square Liquor Store will be more than happy to help you understand wine choices.

The variety of our wine store cannot be beat. We offer hundreds of brands of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and port. We also host wine tasting, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for a schedule. If you can’t make it, our personnel will help you pick out the best wine for your needs. Tell us the meal you have planned or the occasion and budget, and we will provide you with many options to choose from.

Our wine shop is also equipped with equipment and accessories for your own concoction. From wine kits, bases, and yeast, you, too, can create the perfect wine for your palate. We will provide you with all the basic knowledge of winemaking and equip you with the best equipment we can offer. We can even help with choosing the right glassware as it is an important part of winemaking and wine drinking.

Our wine collection is enhanced by a selection of fine wines for your very special occasion or excellent taste. The unique wines we offer come from all around the world and are kept at the perfect temperature so as to not ruin the taste. We provide special orders and fit every budget.

Learn more about wines from our educated staff, and become a wine connoisseur yourself! Join us at Meadow Square Liquor Store today.

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